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This is a thing that I wrote

So, yeah.  It’s the 5-year anniversary of my high school getting destroyed by a tornado, and I’m so fucking sick of all the Facebook statuses that pop up every year because most of them are an exercise in masturbatory self-congratulation (“Look at me!  I’m posting about this thing that I parade as a piece of my identity even though I wasn’t even there!”  “This status is about a tragedy that I exploit to bring more attention to myself!”).  My final paper last year for my composition class was about our blogging experience, and how it made us open up to people, and I thought the assignment was bullshit so I wrote instead about this thing and how I never talk to anyone about it.  Anyway, it seemed hypocritical to never actually post it, so here it is.  You can message me about it if you want, but I’m probably not going to answer you.

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